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Everybody dreams of a cosy home in a quiet neighbourhood, away from the hustle and bustle of life. But like most dreams, your dream home could remain just a dream.

Whereas at DABC, we understand a home isn’t merely a house. It’s a lifelong dream that takes almost a lifetime of financial planning. That’s why, we take painstaking care to build every residential project right down to the last detail. It probably explains our enviable record of quality construction and meticulous planning.



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  • Hi, my name is Vijayashree, one of the proud owners of orchid apartment in the Arboretum Township. The first thing that I want to thank DABC is that, during this huge flood that had destroyed Chennai, DABC people both in ORCHID, BEGONIA, EUPHORBIA never faced any problem of flooding. Even the roads were not flooded and storm water drains were done very beautifully, leading the water to lake which is next to Acacia project. We were really safe and now I am being very proud owner of orchid apartment and I thank DABC for providing such a beautiful apartment and let all continue this good effort in future also.

    • Vijayashree
    • DABC ORCHID 5B-13
  • Hi this is kamala kannan, I am staying in DABC Arboretum begonia project flat no.1C-1, when I was in search of project in and around OMR during 2011, I came to know that there are 37000 flats are available in 30 projects and I did analysis that matches my criteria such as schools should within the campus and work location should have an easy access from my home, Rental benefits, car parking should be covered one, possession time. Finally I shortlisted this Begonia project in DABC Arboretum Township project. When I owned this apartment I am not aware about this rain and flooding, but now I am happy to say that I have made a right choice of purchasing in Arboretum Township because, when compared to other projects and Chennai city we never faced any difficulty like water logging and flooding in this Arboretum Township. Water got drained immediately. Even in this worst situation I and my family members felt safe and secured in Dabc Township. I am feeling very proud to share this information with you. Thanks you DABC.

    • Kamala kannan
  • Hi this is Adlin, I am staying in DABC ROWHOUSE-174. For the past two weeks(Dec,2015) there was heavy rain lashing the Chennai heavily at that time we were in Dabc Arboretum Township, friend and relatively were keep on calling me to know we are safe and secured. I said I was safe and secured but no one believed that I was safe because even in Chennai, roads and houses were flooded. But we face any issues like flooding, power cut, drinking water supply. One more thing is we have 2years old son, for him we got milk, snacks, vegetables and other needs from DABC ARBORETUM CONVENIENCE SHOP within the township. Water logging was also not there because the road was beautifully constructed with strome water drains. Thank you DABC.

    • Adlin
    • DABC Habitat Rowhouse-174
  • Hi this is Vinu, first of all I want to thank DABC for this project because over last past 2 weeks of December flood 2015 we had very heavy rain, at that rain itself we felt very safe and secured in this dabc apartment because we don’t have any issues of any raising of water levels….. nothing…., like that they have constructed properly so we are safe in this apartment, so thank you DABC.

    • Vinu
    • DABC Euphorbia Phase-1 18
  • Hi this is Mrs. Shanmuga sundaram staying in DABC ARBORETUM/EUPHORBIA PHASE-IV. For the past two days it was raining heavily in Chennai but we didn’t face any issue like flooding and water logging in our DABC Township. Only for one or two days we faced issue with approach road but I was ok then. I and my family members were really safe and secured in this DABC ARBORETUM TOWNSHIP. Thanks DABC.

    • Mrs. Shanmuga sundaram
    • DABC Euphorbia-Phase-iv
  • The best part of DABC is, whenever I needed a change in my plan, they'll do it and they also come out with alternate ideas.

    • Meenam
  • I found the Management & the Marketing Team extremely cordial. We have all facilities like schools, hospitals, bus stands etc. nearby.

    • Divyam
  • They are very punctual and they give equal importance to exterior and to the interior. A few landmarks in Anna Nagar are designed by them.

    • Kamalam
  • I called DABC and got an immediate response. There is so much greenery in all their apartments.

    • Chithram
  • I bought my flat in April and the scheduled delivery was in March, but they handed over the flat in February, well before the scheduled time.

    • Nithyam
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